Help us with this Special Needs Rescue – Oscar the Main Coon

This is Oscar III. We’ve had several Oscars at Furry Friends Rescue Center but this Oscar is special.  He came to us at Halloween with some very special needs. One of our sponsors, Jessica, offered to help fund his situation and Melissa is fostering him at the farm.  Oscar III is a beautiful full-blood Main Coon kitty. Doesn’t he look lovely in his Christmas photo?

Near Halloween, Oscar’s family found out he had broken his leg, they don’t know how it happened.  You can see his cast in the photo if you look at his back leg. They did everything they could but they could not afford the very expensive procedure to operate on his leg. So they took him to Greenville Animal Control. This is where Melissa picked him up and Jessica was able to raise funds for his surgery so far.

His leg is broken at the growth plate. We had the surgery (at White Rose Veterinary Clinic) and they have done 3 cast changes but it looks like it isn’t mending. We aren’t sure why but it is a possibility he might lose his leg.

We are still trying to raise funds to continue his care. If you would like to donate to something for Christmas, we hope you will consider helping this guy out. You can click on the Paypal button below to make a contribution today.  To make sure this goes to our efforts with Oscar, we ask that you let us know in the checkout process that you would like to help out with Oscar’s funding.


We hope he can begin mending, if you know of any additional information on the healing of broken legs at the growth plate that might help us save his leg, please contact us and let us know or leave a comment. He is such an amazing guy and we know he will be wonderful with both 3 or 4 legs, but we hope to spare him as much pain as possible.

Thank you for your support.  Oscar is such a sweetie and we are so glad he came to us in his hour of need. We hope to continue his treatments and find him a new home where he can begin his life again.


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