Update #2 on McConnells, SC Project

You can see this earlier post for more information, here’s a video telling you some more about what we’ve done. If you can foster, donate, or adopt (yes, please help make room!) we would love to hear from you. Melissa has rescued 10 cats so far and there seems to be another 10 or so lingering around outside.


Please donate here:

It will cost around $110 per cat for disease testing, vaccines and spay/neuter.
With your help so far we have raised almost $700 in donations plus the donation of materials and work from PuroClean of Charlotte. What wonderful supporters we have indeed.

To help us out you can contribute monthly, foster or sponsor one of these rescues if you want to help out. We are also seeking maybe another rescue to help spread out the foster situation, if you know of someone who would be willing to help out feel free to contact us. The money raised so far is a great start. Thank you all for your support.


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