Disclaimer – We are not the Furry Friends Rescue in Poway, CA

It has come to our attention that another rescue with a close name to ours has been black listed in Poway, California.

We call ourselves “Furry Friends Rescue Center” and we are located in Clover, SC. We are a 501C3 (as you can see at the bottom of our website on every single page) and a no-kill shelter/rescue organization. The rescuer in question is “Furry Friends Rescue” (minus the center) and they are accused of animal cruelty, among other things.

We can see where there could be confusion and wanted to make the distinction.

Thank you for following our journeys, supporting our projects and volunteering your time to share, care and promote our little operation so far. As you know, our information and where we are located is clearly stated several times on our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, about anything!

We hope that you will stick around and we love the community support so far and appreciate all your help.

Our front page will be updated to reflect our latest project needs, so check back periodically to see if you’ve missed anything and we thank you for your like’s and shares. Stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on “Disclaimer – We are not the Furry Friends Rescue in Poway, CA

  1. Got a request from Facebook friend. Unless I misunderstood her, she made it sound like there were items to be purchased for animals in need. If there are, how do I find them? I saw the first page with the 3 items on them– Dr. Sylvia, etc. I don’t have a problem helping out with those, but would like to check out my fb friends request first. Please explain. Thank you.

    M. Suglia

    • Dear Maggie, I believe that your friend is talking about the items through Amazon that Jessica Feeney
      has set up for Furry Friends Rescue Center.

      Hilary Sontag

  2. Enjoyed looking through your page.. I was born in York, S.C. and my dad grew up in Clover. Just wanted to wish you luck with your rescue missions.

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