Disclaimer – We are not the Furry Friends Rescue in Poway, CA

It has come to our attention that another rescue with a close name to ours has been black listed in Poway, California.

We call ourselves “Furry Friends Rescue Center” and we are located in Clover, SC. We are a 501C3 (as you can see at the bottom of our website on every single page) and a no-kill shelter/rescue organization. The rescuer in question is “Furry Friends Rescue” (minus the center) and they are accused of animal cruelty, among other things.

We can see where there could be confusion and wanted to make the distinction.

Thank you for following our journeys, supporting our projects and volunteering your time to share, care and promote our little operation so far. As you know, our information and where we are located is clearly stated several times on our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, about anything!

We hope that you will stick around and we love the community support so far and appreciate all your help.

Our front page will be updated to reflect our latest project needs, so check back periodically to see if you’ve missed anything and we thank you for your like’s and shares. Stay tuned!

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Help! Little Puppy Having Seizures

The hardest part of rescuing is dealing with the unexpected…every single day.

Yesterday afternoon our little Fred began seizing suddenly and very intensely. Melissa was able to immediately rush the little six week old Border Collie/Aussie mix to the emergency vet. He remained overnight and we await an update this morning.

How can you help?

You can help us by donating or sharing this post. Our expenses have reached nearly $1000 in one day. We appreciate your support.

Please notate “Fred” on your donation to make sure it gets earmarked for him! Thanks.

**Updated to add a new Chipin for the long term fundraising that it will take to pay off this bill, unless someone’s feeling spontaneously generous? Thank you always for all of your support, we raised a few dollars to help when he was hospitalized, but this large and unexpected bill is really looming over our heads. It was at a different doctor’s office than usual…We will update soon with that information.**


1/22/2012 Melissa reports that Fred has not had any further seizures and is now eating and drinking. We are hopeful he will go home in the morning.

1/23/2012 We would like to take Fred home but need to raise the funds to do so. Please help us at this time.

1/26/2012 Fred has returned to his foster home and is under watch for more seizures. We are unsure what caused them at this time but we will monitor his condition in case this happens again. In the meantime, we have a bill of just a little over $1000! We hope you noticed that nice new blue Chipin where you can help us out by sharing or donating!

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Couple Chooses Homeless over Abandoning Cat & Dog – Help us reunite them!

Help Marley and Cleopatra get reunited with their family who is now in Ohio. Rather than abandon their cat & dog while in NC, they chose to go temporarily homeless instead. Of the very few possessions they had on them, they had the vet records for these guys. They knew how important it was to take care of their furry family. The couple is now in Ohio and we would like to raise some money to get this family back together again. They were able to obtain a home that will allow pets in Ohio and we are ready to transport!



(Sorry for the blurry pic, Cleopatra wouldn’t be still.)

Marley cries at night and you can tell these guys miss their family.

Merebeth Weller Vert from All Pets Transport has offered to transport both Marley and Cleopatra to Ohio for $250.00 plus $35.00 for health certificate.

Please donate to help us fund this reunion.

Needs: $285.00

If you would like to make a contribution, make a notation about “Cleo & Marley” to make sure the contribution goes to the transport! 

UPDATE – We reached our goal!

Thank you for your support.



Update #2 on McConnells, SC Project

You can see this earlier post for more information, here’s a video telling you some more about what we’ve done. If you can foster, donate, or adopt (yes, please help make room!) we would love to hear from you. Melissa has rescued 10 cats so far and there seems to be another 10 or so lingering around outside.


Please donate here:

It will cost around $110 per cat for disease testing, vaccines and spay/neuter.
With your help so far we have raised almost $700 in donations plus the donation of materials and work from PuroClean of Charlotte. What wonderful supporters we have indeed.

To help us out you can contribute monthly, foster or sponsor one of these rescues if you want to help out. We are also seeking maybe another rescue to help spread out the foster situation, if you know of someone who would be willing to help out feel free to contact us. The money raised so far is a great start. Thank you all for your support.


Urgent – 20+ Abandoned Cats in McConnells, SC

On Friday, December 30, we got a desperate phone call. A called trying to get help and was so very desperate.  His wife left him the day after Xmas leaving the 12 yo child with him and taking their 3yo to Mississippi. He left on New Year’s Day, taking with him only the dogs and 10 of the 30+ cats. They were living in this house. When he called and said he was leaving and said he was abandoning 30 cats the next day. He left on Saturday. Melissa went out today and took some pictures and checked on the situation.

As you can see the conditions of this home were deplorable. Melissa reports still feeling ill after her brief assessment visit. What is most shocking is that the couple was living with their 3 year old and 12 year old children up until Christmas when the wife took the toddler and left the 12 year old with the husband who left on Saturday. We are considering contacting the news, the property owners have abandoned the house. They left the keys with a neighbor who considered moving into the house as it is a bigger space than where they were living.

This is an email we received about the situation:

Hi Melissa,
I think you spoke with Mr. S about the 30 some cats that he has and needs to find homes for.
His wife left and took their daughter to Mississippi, he has to move to Ohio to help take care of his mother who is dieing of cancer. He is desperate to find help and needs this help asap. I have been trying to help him by finding rescue groups, but to no avail they are all full. He is a man that loves and adores cats, this is breaking his heart to have to give them up, but he knows he has no other option. Most of the cats are well socialized and get along well with dogs and other cats. Is there anyone out there that has room for his cats. I am begging on his behalf for help!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, SOME ONE PLEASE HELP, SO THESE CATS DON’T HAVE TO BE PUT DOWN!!!!

Melissa has been in touch with the neighbor who is feeding and providing water for the cats and has removed a litter of kittens to help them survive. Her circumstances are not one that afford her the ability to care for additional animals and she was also told she could live in this home.  The property is a double wide trailer 80′s located in McConnells, SC.

View Larger Map


Donations. You can donate using our Chip In for this situation. We estimate if all the cats are rescued and homed that there will be over several thousand dollars in vet bills, vaccinations and spay/neutering.

It will cost around $110 per cat for disease testing, vaccines and spay/neuter. 

Traps. We only have one trap. More traps will be needed as we assess there to be over 20 cats living in this situation indoors and out. We got more traps!

Volunteers. Are you willing to foster or go help out on site with this rescue? We need your help, we are not equipped for a situation of this scale.

Rescue Organizations. If we can spread out the cats among several rescues to help spread out the fostering and medical care that would be fantastic. We are looking for rescues in the Charlotte, NC area to help us catch, foster and home these cats. Please contact Melissa at the information below for this urgent situation.

Please contact Melissa Stone on her cell phone as soon as possible regarding this situation. Her number is 803-230-3648 and she is the contact person for this rescue.

Thank you for your assistance in spreading the word, donating or volunteering.





A fellow animal lover and local foster for a dog rescue was contacted by one of our volunteers. He owns the company PuroClean and does cleanup for severe situations. Considering someone is trying to live in this space post abandonment, he would like to offer his services to clean it up if they can get volunteers out there to help with the work. We don’t know what the future holds for this situation but we are very grateful to have such an offer already. Thank you, Mike and thanks to everyone who is helping us get the word out. 


Melissa has 3 traps she is using and has caught 7 cats. We are still seeking donations to help with the effort and most definitely need fosters or another rescue to help with the post rescue situation. It is going to cost about $110 per cat to vaccinate, test for disease and spay/neuter. 


PuroClean came out to help clean up the interior. We captured 3 more cats but one big grey got away. We need to continue raising money for the vet expenses and would love to see some foster opportunities come forward. If you are in the Carolina’s this is ideal. Will be posting video this week.

We will continue to keep you posted. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.


A look at the past and hope for the future.

We wanted to take a minute and reflect back on 2011. Furry Friends Rescue Center has come a long way in just a short year’s time. So many people have dedicated their time, shared their homes with our rescues, given financial contributions, and devoted their time online to sharing and spreading the word. It is important to reflect on these efforts from time to time and we want to take a minute to say thank you to all those involved in this never ending process. 

Thank you to all our donors who have helped keep our rescue efforts going. Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to help so many of the special needs cases that cross our path.

Oscar is a special needs rescue who has a broken leg.

Thank you to all our volunteers and fosters who have opened their hearts and homes to the rescued animals in need. You provide a network of shared responsibility that helps more than you probably realize.

A special thank you to volunteers Jennifer, Rosemary, Rhonda, Sabrina, and Karen who dedicate themselves as volunteers for us every day. Every one of you do so much to rescue, care for, promote and help us at the rescue, without you most of our efforts would be impossible.

Thank you to our Petsmart crews who keep our kitties cared for and clean. (Jan, Michelle & Emily, Susie, Sher, Nicole, Beth & Kasey, Oxana, Liz, Bonita, Stephen & Marcia, Rachel, Samantha, Cathy, Carrie, Lisa & James)

Thank you to Clover High School FFA for the fundraiser which raised donations of dog food, cat food, collars, toys, cleaning supplies and more! We look forward to working with you again this spring.

Thank you Ralph Turner for the donation of funds to create the website we are posting on today. This tool will be a continual part of our efforts and is most invaluable, taking us to the next level. Your monthly donations will be put to good use and we thank you for your generous contribution.

Thank you to Joe and Garland who worked together to build the site and create the content. This site will help with awareness of our organization, fundraising, adoptions, and finding much needed volunteers and fosters. A vital part to the growth of any organization.

Buttons the Goat

Thank you Melissa for devoting your days to the rescue efforts on your farm. From rescuing cats and dogs (and even goats and pigs) to caring for the animals every need, Melissa dedicates every day to the continual care and rescuing the animals. Her two daughters, Shana and Angie, also participate in the rescue work. Thank you for not discriminating against any animal whether it be cats, dogs or livestock. And most of all, the animals thank you.

Thank you Shana for your beautiful photos! We love what you’ve done…they have made a definite impact on shares and adoptions. Thank you also for your care for various rescues and the cats.

Thank you Angie for your work on the farm and care of the animals, including our rescued mustang.

A big thank you to Hilary Sontag who works tirelessly in the arena of animal advocacy and has helped rescue and save many animals this year in her daily efforts. In addition to her work with Furry Friends Rescue Center her efforts include working on a HSUS legislative fund which publishes a scorecard listing the various animal rights issues and how politicians score.  She is working to encourage people in their respective states to contact the politicians who score high on animal rights issues.  The 112th scorecard has just been published and you can find it circulating on her animal advocacy group, No Kill Coalition.

Happy New Year from Furry Friends Rescue Center!

We look forward to 2012 and all the joy, tears and everything in between that animal rescue does to enrich our lives. Our efforts run on the support of our community, so whether it is a financial contribution, sharing on social networks, volunteering your time, fostering or bringing our attention to animals in need, we thank you for your assistance in these important parts of working in animal rescue.  

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”

-Anatole France


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Happy Holidays from Our Furry Friends to Yours

What a wonderful year to begin such a fulfilling project. Furry Friends Rescue Center has been busy this year. We rescued hundreds of animals and found many of them homes where they can live safe, happy and lovely lives with their new families.

Our holiday season has been bright and merry. With the Christmas Parade in Clover, SC and having a tree in the Harvey Gantt Center in Charlotte, NC we have been spreading good tidings of furry joy all around the area!

Last weekend, we worked with Petsmart for a holiday Santa Claws fundraiser. Our volunteer and foster mom, Karen, organized the event and ultimately we raised over $300! If you are in the Matthews, NC area you should stop by and see our adoptable kitties in Petsmart. They would love a home for Christmas.

We would love to see your holiday pet photos, feel free to upload them to our Facebook wall!

This month has been joyous and filled with adoptions. We got several guys adopted at the Santa Claws event and several other kitties were adopted from the Farm this week!

More good tidings…our Facebook page hit over 1,000 fans this week!

We are so grateful for all our supporters. Furry Friends Rescue Center runs on donations and volunteers, we couldn’t have done it without you!

So we wish you Happy Holidays from our furry friends…to yours.



Help us with this Special Needs Rescue – Oscar the Main Coon

This is Oscar III. We’ve had several Oscars at Furry Friends Rescue Center but this Oscar is special.  He came to us at Halloween with some very special needs. One of our sponsors, Jessica, offered to help fund his situation and Melissa is fostering him at the farm.  Oscar III is a beautiful full-blood Main Coon kitty. Doesn’t he look lovely in his Christmas photo?

Near Halloween, Oscar’s family found out he had broken his leg, they don’t know how it happened.  You can see his cast in the photo if you look at his back leg. They did everything they could but they could not afford the very expensive procedure to operate on his leg. So they took him to Greenville Animal Control. This is where Melissa picked him up and Jessica was able to raise funds for his surgery so far.

His leg is broken at the growth plate. We had the surgery (at White Rose Veterinary Clinic) and they have done 3 cast changes but it looks like it isn’t mending. We aren’t sure why but it is a possibility he might lose his leg.

We are still trying to raise funds to continue his care. If you would like to donate to something for Christmas, we hope you will consider helping this guy out. You can click on the Paypal button below to make a contribution today.  To make sure this goes to our efforts with Oscar, we ask that you let us know in the checkout process that you would like to help out with Oscar’s funding.


We hope he can begin mending, if you know of any additional information on the healing of broken legs at the growth plate that might help us save his leg, please contact us and let us know or leave a comment. He is such an amazing guy and we know he will be wonderful with both 3 or 4 legs, but we hope to spare him as much pain as possible.

Thank you for your support.  Oscar is such a sweetie and we are so glad he came to us in his hour of need. We hope to continue his treatments and find him a new home where he can begin his life again.


Santa Claws is Coming to….

Santa Claws is coming to Petsmart in Matthews, NC!

Come join us on Saturday and Sunday from 11am to 4pm.

Come out to support Furry Friends Rescue Center and get a photo of your furry friend with Santa! Proceeds go to help with our various fundraising needs.  We look forward to meeting your furry friends this weekend, see you there!

Do you not live in the Charlotte/Matthews, NC area?

Well we would love to see your Santa or holiday themed pictures.  Feel free to visit our Facebook page and upload them today! We love it when you share, nothing gets us in the holiday spirit more than a cute picture of our pets.

Merry Christmas!!

Click on the image for the store link and directions!


Introducing our New Website!

Why Hello! Welcome! Please come in and stay a while…can I take your coat?

We here at Furry Friends Rescue Center have been working very hard to create a lovely and interactive website for our supporters and to help us find volunteers, get donations and most importantly help with the rescue of homeless animals!

Take a minute to explore our site, we have tons of guys ready to Adopt and would love to hear any questions or comments you have if you need to contact us about our furry friends.

Duchess needs a home for Christmas!

For the holidays, we wanted to help provide homes for our furry friends come Christmas by offering a special discounted rate. You will still have to go through our screening process but we hope you consider adopting a new member of the family this holiday season!

Our online adoption special for the kitties until January will be:

$65 for one or $100 for a pair (we have a some guys who just adore each other!)

Click here to visit the Facebook Gallery with all the lovely winter photos or visit our Adopt page to browse our Petfinder listings.
Here are 10 Reasons You Should Adopt a Cat!

We are still arranging and rearranging things on here, so pardon our dust. If you like what you see, we hope you come back for more. Our News section will contain an occasional blog to help keep you informed, so check in from time to time or subscribe using our buttons at the bottom of the post or page. We will do a post telling you more about us after the holidays.

Furry Friends Rescue Center is run by volunteers and donations. You can help make a difference today by supporting our operation in so many ways. Please take a minute to consider our needs while you are exploring our new website.

Your support means so much to us in whatever form it takes.

We hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for visiting our new site.

We wish you a wonderful and blessed Holiday season, from our furry friends to yours!