About Furry Friends Rescue Center

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We want to remind you that everything is volunteer and donation funded, so take notice of our handy dandy Paypal button over there (points to the right of your screen) or contact us if you have interests in other ways to help support.

Furry Friends Rescue Center is located in Clover (York County), SC which is near Charlotte, NC just outside of Gastonia, NC. It was started in 2010 by Hilary Sontag and Melissa Stone.

Our organization started in 2010 with Melissa and Hilary working around the clock to rescue several animals from local area shelters.  From there, they realized they had a special bond in their love for animals and began devoting their lives to this passion.  As things grew they began to need help and now we have a few volunteers on hand to help with fostering, accounting, online operations, events and cleaning up at the shelter!

Hilary works with and runs various rescues and helps raise funds, rehome and rescue animals every day.  While she might be out of state physically, she is never far from our furry friends’ hearts who she has helped rescue. She has started No Kill Coalition and helps educate people on the practices of animal control and other kill shelters around the country.

Melissa owns and operates Hi-C Farms & Kennels where many of our furry friends live while they are in transition to their forever homes. She works every day to feed, care for and maintain the well being of many of our rescues and rarely gets a day off.

We have had many adventures. One time Melissa even rescued a pig (watch the video)! But our main goal is to find animals in high kill shelters and give them a second chance at life. Furry Friends Rescue Center provides a service to the community by reducing the cost of handling, processing and euthanizing these animals at the area animal controls.

Furry Friends Rescue Center helps rescued animals by working with other rescue organizations occasionally. The community who rescues pets and animals is a strong one throughout the nation and the world. We couldn’t do it alone and are so grateful for the rescues who have helped us.  Working with rescued animals is a wonderful thing and we feel blessed to have such wonderful people to work with. You can read 10 Reasons to Adopt a Cat for some good reasons to adopt!

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