There are many ways you can help with sponsoring. If you are willing to have your information shared or have a website you would like for us to cross promote, we would love to announce your sponsorship! Please let us know when you contact us to make your contribution.

Sponsor a Pet.

If you are interested in sponsoring a specific pet that is currently in foster care or at our shelter, please browse our adoptable pets and select one. Then contact us and let us know who you are interested in sponsoring. You can also go to our donation page and select a monthly contribution, when making that donation, you can specify which pet you want to be a sponsor for.

Some expenses for each pet are:

  • Spay ($65) or Neuter ($45)
  • Vaccines ($45)
  • Microchip ($45)
  • Flea & Heartworm Treatments
  • Food, water, litter, supplies, room & board. 

Sponsor the Blog.

For $25 you can sponsor a blog post. We will insert your information and a photo or logo at the end of our post. These posts will be shared and reshared on our other social networking sites as well as visited by people on the website and will remain as a part of the site.

Litter Sponsor.

We go through a lot of litter and since it isn’t someone that one can easily donate through the mail we thought we could seek out monthly sponsors. For $250 you can sponsor one month’s worth of litter! (Yes, we use that much litter!)

Med Sponsor.

Each month we have medicine needs for around $300. By donating this amount you would supply one month’s needs in flea medication, heartworm, deworming and any minor medical treatment medications that we keep on hand for the never ending situations.

Tagging System.

We are looking for a sponsor so we can upgrade to our own tagging system.  The investment is around $500 but will save us a lot of money since it lowers the cost of tagging from $45 to less than $10 per furry friend!

If you are interested in these or any other sponsorships, please feel free to contact us and include your questions or sponsorship choice in the message.  To make a contribution right now to Furry Friends Rescue Center click on the PayPal button at the top of the column to the right and include a note mentioning what your contribution is sponsoring.  We want to mention your contributions but will only do so if you let us know that is okay! This might include mentioning you or your business on Facebook, on our blog, etc. and we want to give credit to those of you who are supporting the needs of our little operation. It is very important to us that we shine the light on those who have helped us in our time of need. Thank you for considering us for your contributions.

Can’t donate or sponsor? Check out our volunteer & foster opportunities.