Please join Furry Friends Rescue Center at Tractor Supply at 802 E. Liberty St. York, SC for a special adoption event on Saturday, June 16th from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm. We have many beautiful cats and dogs that need forever homes and fosters. Please join us! If you can volunteer to help , please contact Melissa Stone at Furry Friends Rescue Center 1-803-230-3648.

See you there!




Wells Fargo Day of Caring 2012

Wells Fargo Day of Caring is Saturday, June 2.  MAG has been chosen as one of the participants this year.  The project for the Wells Fargo Volunteers will be to strip the paint from Gallery 3 and get it prepped so that it can be properly stained.  If you’ve been in the Gallery recently you’ll notice all of paint chips that have come up.  Wells Fargo, Charlotte Toolbox and Home Depot are sponsoring the event and are supplying the work and labor.  MAG members will have to paint the floor when the Volunteers are finished.  The kitchen floor will also be painted.

Wells Fargo will be helping Furry Friends Rescue Center to build their out door enclosure for all the rescue Kitties, including painting the cat rooms, painting the kennels on the inside for the dog and puppies, and landscaping the cat and dog areas so that the public can come and visit and adopt their future family members. Plus, they will be working on many more small projects that need to be completed to help make the kitties and puppies happy and healthier, until they find their forever homes.



St. Patricks Day Event

These are pics of the St. Patrick’s Day Festival in Clover, SC of FFRC. It was a beautiful day and we did get one of our Black Lab/Coon puppies adopted at this event. We received $100.00 in donations and talked with a lot of great people that we hope will adopt from FFRC in the future.




Adoption event at Pet Smart at the Mathews and S. Blvd stores in Charlotte, NC

National Adoption Weekend

Friday – Sunday, May 4 – 6, 2012

The three-day pet adoption event is being held at all PetSmart® stores in North America with a goal of helping to find thousands of pets a lifelong, loving home.

The National Adoption Weekend is proudly sponsored by PetSmart, Purina® Pro Plan®, Purina® Tidy Cats® (U.S. only) and Purina® MAXX® Scoop (Canada only)

Adopt a new pet and receive:

·         U.S.: A coupon for a FREE bag of Purina Pro Plan brand dog or cat food (maximum value of $13.99)*

·         Canada: A coupon for a FREE bag of 2.7kg or 3.63kg Purina Pro Plan dog food for dog adopters or 1.59kg bag of Purina Pro Plan cat food for cat adopters. Plus cat adopters get a FREE 7kg pail of MAXX Scoop litter*

·         Plus other valuable coupons*

Contact or visit your local PetSmart® store for participation times of local animal-welfare agencies.

* While supplies last.


Disclaimer – We are not the Furry Friends Rescue in Poway, CA

It has come to our attention that another rescue with a close name to ours has been black listed in Poway, California.

We call ourselves “Furry Friends Rescue Center” and we are located in Clover, SC. We are a 501C3 (as you can see at the bottom of our website on every single page) and a no-kill shelter/rescue organization. The rescuer in question is “Furry Friends Rescue” (minus the center) and they are accused of animal cruelty, among other things.

We can see where there could be confusion and wanted to make the distinction.

Thank you for following our journeys, supporting our projects and volunteering your time to share, care and promote our little operation so far. As you know, our information and where we are located is clearly stated several times on our website. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, about anything!

We hope that you will stick around and we love the community support so far and appreciate all your help.

Our front page will be updated to reflect our latest project needs, so check back periodically to see if you’ve missed anything and we thank you for your like’s and shares. Stay tuned!

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Help! Little Puppy Having Seizures

The hardest part of rescuing is dealing with the unexpected…every single day.

Yesterday afternoon our little Fred began seizing suddenly and very intensely. Melissa was able to immediately rush the little six week old Border Collie/Aussie mix to the emergency vet. He remained overnight and we await an update this morning.

How can you help?

You can help us by donating or sharing this post. Our expenses have reached nearly $1000 in one day. We appreciate your support.

Please notate “Fred” on your donation to make sure it gets earmarked for him! Thanks.

**Updated to add a new Chipin for the long term fundraising that it will take to pay off this bill, unless someone’s feeling spontaneously generous? Thank you always for all of your support, we raised a few dollars to help when he was hospitalized, but this large and unexpected bill is really looming over our heads. It was at a different doctor’s office than usual…We will update soon with that information.**


1/22/2012 Melissa reports that Fred has not had any further seizures and is now eating and drinking. We are hopeful he will go home in the morning.

1/23/2012 We would like to take Fred home but need to raise the funds to do so. Please help us at this time.

1/26/2012 Fred has returned to his foster home and is under watch for more seizures. We are unsure what caused them at this time but we will monitor his condition in case this happens again. In the meantime, we have a bill of just a little over $1000! We hope you noticed that nice new blue Chipin where you can help us out by sharing or donating!

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Couple Chooses Homeless over Abandoning Cat & Dog – Help us reunite them!

Help Marley and Cleopatra get reunited with their family who is now in Ohio. Rather than abandon their cat & dog while in NC, they chose to go temporarily homeless instead. Of the very few possessions they had on them, they had the vet records for these guys. They knew how important it was to take care of their furry family. The couple is now in Ohio and we would like to raise some money to get this family back together again. They were able to obtain a home that will allow pets in Ohio and we are ready to transport!



(Sorry for the blurry pic, Cleopatra wouldn’t be still.)

Marley cries at night and you can tell these guys miss their family.

Merebeth Weller Vert from All Pets Transport has offered to transport both Marley and Cleopatra to Ohio for $250.00 plus $35.00 for health certificate.

Please donate to help us fund this reunion.

Needs: $285.00

If you would like to make a contribution, make a notation about “Cleo & Marley” to make sure the contribution goes to the transport! 

UPDATE – We reached our goal!

Thank you for your support.