Couple Chooses Homeless over Abandoning Cat & Dog – Help us reunite them!

Help Marley and Cleopatra get reunited with their family who is now in Ohio. Rather than abandon their cat & dog while in NC, they chose to go temporarily homeless instead. Of the very few possessions they had on them, they had the vet records for these guys. They knew how important it was to take care of their furry family. The couple is now in Ohio and we would like to raise some money to get this family back together again. They were able to obtain a home that will allow pets in Ohio and we are ready to transport!



(Sorry for the blurry pic, Cleopatra wouldn’t be still.)

Marley cries at night and you can tell these guys miss their family.

Merebeth Weller Vert from All Pets Transport has offered to transport both Marley and Cleopatra to Ohio for $250.00 plus $35.00 for health certificate.

Please donate to help us fund this reunion.

Needs: $285.00

If you would like to make a contribution, make a notation about “Cleo & Marley” to make sure the contribution goes to the transport! 

UPDATE – We reached our goal!

Thank you for your support.